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Ukrainian warships passed under the Kerch bridge

The border ship rammed into them crashed into a Russian ship. UPD: There was a video from the scene.

As of 1:30 pm UTC, the Ukrainian warships are already passing the Kerch Strait and are heading towards Mariupol.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian border ship “Don” rammed one of the Ukrainian tugs. It became known that the maneuver of the Don was more dangerous for the Allied ship, the Emerald, which entered service with the FSB coast guard service in 2015.

The vessel received a dangerous hole and was evacuated.

The FSB and the Russian Black Sea Fleet jointly blocked the shipping bay of the Kerch Bridge, but unlocked 10 minutes later.

And then unlocked One of the Russian barges blocked the exit.

Even 10 minutes later, Ukrainian ships crossed the bridge and headed further. According to the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, they follow from Odessa to Mariupol.

From 2016, the Russian Federation constantly delays the following merchant ships to Mariupol and Berdyansk. Formally, this is done for inspections, but in fact is an attempt to complicate and block the Ukrainian Azov shipping.

In response, Ukraine is preparing several lawsuits in international courts against the Russian Federation.

The Russian Federation calls the Kerch Strait and part of the Azov Sea its internal waters in violation of existing treaties with Ukraine (no demarcation of the border, the occupation of the Crimea was not recognized) and international norms.

In response to provocations, Ukraine in the summer of 2018 announced the start of construction of an air force base in Mariupol.

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