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Two friends found each other thanks to Twitter users. They have not seen since 2006

They are also helped to raise money for a meeting – it turned out they live in different states.

Photo @briannacry
Photo @briannacry

Twitter users helped meet two friends who last met each other in 2006. The girls met during a cruise in Hawaii, and made friends, but then they parted ways.

However, on November 24, one of them, the user with the nickname Bri, published their joint photo asking for help to find a girlfriend.

“Hey, Twitter. I met this girl on a Hawaii cruise in 2006. That night we were best friends, and I want you to help me find my best friend. Because I miss her and I want to know how she’s doing. Please retweet this so that we can meet again. ”

For a couple of hours, a tweet scored about 80,000 retweets, and the girl Brie was looking for was found.

“I heard you are looking for me”

“Lord, I’m so happy”

“Oh, I literally haven’t visited Twitter for years, and the first thing I see is a search campaign for me.”

It turned out that girls live in different states. Unknown users have opened acampaign to raise funds for a meeting on GoFundMe.

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