What pretexts did the authorities use to thwart popular music concerts in 2018

Dissatisfied parents, “wrong” texts and warnings of the prosecutor’s office.

Concert of the group “Pornofilmy” in St. Petersburg. Photos from the group page in VKontakte

In late November, the news about the detention of the rapper Husky caused a wide resonance: the musician was sent to the SIZO for 12 days , and even Lev Leshchenko, who was far from rap, spoke out in support of him . Prior to that, the musician canceled at least three performances due to the pressure of law enforcement agencies on the organizers.

Cancellation of concerts due to the intervention of the Russian authorities are not the first year. In 2014, Orthodox activists thwarted the performance of Marilyn Manson, in 2016, prosecutors achieved the closing of the Outline festival.

But in 2018, law enforcement agencies increasingly began to interfere with the performances of popular artists from Russia.  recalled briefly what prepositions they used for this.

“Dirty Molly” – recommendations of the mayor’s office

February 23 in Belgorod did not take place a concert of the “Dirty Molly”, because so “recommended” the owners of a nightclub. According to the organizers, over the course of ten days they received calls from the city authorities, who asked to refuse to speak.

Managers of the group apologized to the audience and said that “until the last time they did everything to make the concert of their favorite group take place”. In December, under pressure from the administration in Belgorod, the Face rapper was also banned from performing because of the mention of drugs and mate in the songs. Even before the musician recorded a record criticizing the Russian authorities.

Zemfira – FIFA World Cup

On June 8, Zemfira’s concerts in Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad were bannedbecause of the World Cup. According to the organizers, they met with law enforcement agencies and city administrations, but still received a “categorical ban.” Officially, no one called the reasons.

Shortly before that, FIFA banned Chicherina from performing at the Festival of fans in Rostov. According to the Football Federation, at the celebrations there is no place for political statements and the “military theme” that are in the singer’s works.

Yegor Creed – lack of agreement with the city authorities

On November 22, a concert of Yegor Creed in the Ice Palace was canceled in Surgut . The official reason – the organizers did not notify the head of the city, the administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the event. However, a few days before the performance, activists of the “Working youth of Siberia” spoke out against Creed : they found propaganda of vulgarity and alcohol in his songs that “has a devastating effect on both children and adults”.

In 2018, Creed was complained several times: residents of Tomsk collectedsignatures against his concert, dissatisfied parents spoke out against him in Tver , and in Dagestan they still managed to cancel his speech – residents wrote him hundreds of insults and threats on social networks. Following them, Eljeyand Stas Mikhailov refused concerts in the Caucasus .

Coin, Aljay and Matrang – wrong age rating

On September 26, members of the “parental community of Nizhny Novgorod” appealed to the Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection with the requirement to ban several concerts. Under the pretexts of mate in the songs, propaganda of “sadism, mate and drug addiction”, as well as violations of the law, they suggested preventing many musicians from performing, including ATL, Coin, Little Big, Eldzhey and “Bread”.

A month later, on October 29, the prosecutor’s office of the Nizhny Novgorod region canceled the concerts of five artists, scheduled for October-December 2018. It touched Jah Khalib, Ganvest, Coin, Eldzhey and Matrang – all concerts were moved to later dates. Some media outlets suggested that the speeches could be postponed without pressure from the authorities.

The organizers of these concerts were accused of setting a too low age rating for performances – 12 and 16 years old instead of 18+. This is a violation of the law on the dissemination of information among children: administrative cases were brought up against managers as regards Part 1 of Article 6.17 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

“Friendzone” – False Values ​​for Teenagers

At the beginning of November in Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo , concerts of the teen group Frendzon were canceled. According to the tour manager of the musicians, an hour before the Krasnoyarsk speech, they were taken to the prosecutor’s office and announced that they were canceled without any court decisions or any documents. The Kemerovo concert was also closed without explanation: the tour manager said that the local authorities did not like the word “check-in” on the billboard.

As the media found out , “Anti-dealer” movement of the deputy Dmitry Nosov paid attention to “Frendzon”. The activists examined the texts of the group and handed over the report to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the regional ministry of culture. The songs saw “material that is capable of generating false values ​​in adolescents” and “irreversible changes in the human psyche”. The prosecutor’s office insisted that according to the law “On protecting children from harmful information,” concerts must have an age rating of 18+. Nosov confirmed that he gave the directive to the managers to “more strictly deal with such groups”.

Huskies – propaganda in songs and extremist activities

  • On October 26, the Husky concert in Togliatti was canceled after a warning came from the Investigative Committee and the prosecutor’s office. In the texts of the rapper found “calls for cannibalism”, “propaganda of sexual debauchery” and insults the feelings of believers. Samara Prosecutor’s Office began to deny it;
  • On November 20 in Rostov-on-Don, the police came to the club before the Husky concert and handed the manager a warning about the prevention of extremist activity;
  • On November 21, the Husky concert in Krasnodar was canceled after a warning from the prosecutor’s office about the inadmissibility of extremist activity. It was after this speech that the rapper was first detained and then arrested for disorderly conduct;
  • On November 22, the organizers of the Husky concerts canceled six of his concerts in Russia, including Volgograd, Saratov and Vologda.

IC3PEAK – technical works and inspections of MES

  • In Kazan, the electronic band IC3PEAK changed three concert venues in a day because the organizers refused to perform. According to the manager, the police came to the clubs and threatened to close them, somewhere they refused to give concerts “by mutual consent”;
  • Prior to this, in Nizhny Novgorod, IC3PEAK also changed several sites due to the fact that Emergency Situations Ministry and police officers came to the clubs. The concert took place, but the organizers had to urgently find a new place and invite viewers through personal messages on VKontakte;
  • The IC3PEAK manager said that law enforcement agencies are also putting pressure on the organizers of Izhevsk and Saratov, and in Voronezh, the performance was postponed due to “technical work”.
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