The unmanned car StarLine traveled from St. Petersburg to Kazan. Sometimes without clear boundaries and markings on the road

But the driver took control in the city and on “difficult areas”.

View from the cabin during the trip. StarLine Photos

The unmanned vehicle of the StarLine research and production association traveled from St. Petersburg to Kazan, covering 2.5 thousand kilometers. The trip lasted 10 days, but on the way the car stopped in 13 cities, where it enabled local residents to take a short test drive.

Behind the wheel of a drone on the basis of the Skoda Superb driver was constantly. The operator took over control “on the most difficult sections of the road” and in the city. The company said that it is necessary for road safety.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Now on the highway the car is moving without using a road map and route planner. If you need to change the direction of movement – at the intersection, at exits and exits from highways and other maneuvers – the system requires operator intervention. To solve this problem, during the trip we collected data to build a road map and automate these actions.[/perfectpullquote]
Andrey Alekseev
Starline development engineer

According to the creators of the drone, its speed reached 80 kilometers per hour. This was an internal record, because before that the maximum was recorded during the test at the entrance to the Crimean Bridge – 40 kilometers per hour.

However, the conditions for testing StarLayn turned out to be different. The first test was held on a specially prepared section of the federal highway A-290 (Novorossiysk – Kerch). And during the last experiment, the car drove, including on several dirt roads, where there are no clear boundaries, road markings and a uniform surface. As noted by , in such difficult areas, the drone was moving along GPS coordinates and inertial navigation with reference to maps. According to the developers, the car behaved in areas without “stable and reliable” markup.

The set of equipment in Starline is quite standard

According to the engineer-developer of the project Anton Baburov, the creators of the drone met with previously unnoticed difficulties. Among them – problems with the recognition of the area of ​​the roadway, as well as the slow processing of large amounts of data due to the long journey and high load on the equipment. In Starline said they began to eliminate these shortcomings.

Three-minute video report of the company about the trip

Unmanned car “StarLine” was not the only one who was tested at long distances. In June, the Yandex drone traveled 789 kilometers on its way from Moscow to Kazan in 11 hours. According to the developers, the driver drove the car only 1% of the journey.

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