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The camera saw a photo of a businesswoman on the bus and considered the woman a traffic offender

his week, the head of a large air conditioner manufacturing company, Dong Mingzhu, was in an unpleasant situation. Her face as a violator of traffic rules appeared on the street display of Shanghai: they say, look, what a bad citizen, does not comply with traffic regulations. For the sake of completeness, her name was also on the screen, and the ID-card was partially indicated.

But it turned out that there was no woman at that crossroad at all. The surveillance system, which seeks out suspicious individuals, saw the image of the Minzhu on the bus. Thus, in the eyes of technology, a pedestrian appeared on the roadway in violation of traffic rules.

Later, the local police department admitted an error in the system and said that the problem had already been fixed.

Dong Mingzhu is on the Forbes list of “China’s 100 Most Eminent Businesswomen.”

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