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In Africa, because of the “black Friday” stores are already cracking at the seams from buyers

The great celebration of any shopaholic – “Black Friday” – is sweeping across the planet. Somewhere quietly and imperceptibly for the world community, but somewhere it manages to thunder on all social networks. While they are sleeping in the US, Africans took the palm of the game, who are bursting into closed shops for discounts.

So, for example, people rushed from the queue to one of the Johannesburg supermarkets in South Africa.

And this is how “black Friday” looks like in a small African Republic of Malawi.

In Namibia, buyers could not stand it: the crowd simply broke down the entrance doors and flooded the store.

But such a stir was at Oxford Street in London in the PC World computer store.

It should be noted that in the American Walmart yesterday you could buy a 40-inch TV for $ 99. So the video stream from “Black Friday” does not end there.

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