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Creator of children’s prostheses from Belarus entered the short list of the RBC award

Belarusian Ilya Chekh hit the shortlist of the Russian media holding award in the “Visionary” nomination. His name also appears in the Readers’ Choice category.

Ilya is the general director of Motoriki. The company is located in Russia and is developing children’s prostheses. Unlike other devices, Ilya’s solutions are distinguished by design: they can, firstly, be of any color and design, and secondly, prostheses have a fixture for different attachments — a flashlight, a spoon, and so on.

The nomination “Visionary” is defined by RBC as follows: “A person who is ahead of the future: he is building a business that technologically or ideologically qualitatively changes the industry and life.” Together with Ilya, Mikhail Lukin, the co-founder of the Russian Quantum Center, was shortlisted.

The award will take place in 17 days.

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