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London police published new videos with Petrov and Bashirov in Salisbury

And she showed me a copy of the bottle where the “Novice” was kept, which “would be enough for several thousand victims”.

Shot from a new video with Petrov and Bashirov in Salisbury

Scotland Yard showed new videos with suspects in Skripale poisoning – Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov. Three videos appeared on the British police website , in which two men walk the streets of Salisbury on March 4, the day the former GRU officer and his daughter were poisoned.

Three videos go for a few seconds and are shot on CCTV cameras at the train station and the streets of Salisbury. British police asked for help from those who could see the suspects from 2 to 4 March.

  • First video: suspects removed from the back, they pass the turnstiles at the train station in Salisbury;
  • The second video: the suspects are walking along Wilton Street, outwardly they resemble Petrov and Bashirov;
  • The third movie: the suspects are on Fisherton Street. They stop at the bridge and take a few photos, you can also see smiles on their face;
Fragment of the second movie with suspects in Skripale poisoning

In addition, British police published photos of a copy of the bottle, which contained the “Newbie.” According to the representative of Scotland Yard, the remaining amount of nerve agent in a jar would be enough to poison “a few thousand more people.”

Scripal case

  • On March 4, Sergey and Yulia Skripale were hospitalized unconscious due to poisoning with a substance of the “Novice” class. On April 10, the daughter of Skripal was discharged from the hospital , and on May 18, he himself . The media reported that they survived thanks to the rain, which washed off part of the “Novice”;
  • Britain claims that Russia is involved in the poisoning, but Moscow denies the charges. More than 25 countries around the world supported the UK version and sent more than 140 employees of diplomatic missions in solidarity ;
  • On September 13, RT TV channel published the first interview with Russians, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov. They said that they came to the city of Salisbury for the sake of the cathedral and left because of bad weather;
  • The Insider and Bellingcat found documents of the “poisoners” marked “Top Secret” related to the Russian Ministry of Defense, and also found out that they were detained by the Dutch police. Then the media and users found out that the real name of Petrov is Alexander Mishkin , and Bashirova is Anatoly Chepiga .
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