YouTube has blocked the clip of rapper Husky “Judas” in Russia at the request of government agencies

What exactly is a violation of the rules is unknown.

YouTube has blocked the clip of the Russian rapper Husky for the song “Judas” for Russian users “at the request of state bodies”. From other countries, the video opens without restrictions.

At the time of this writing, the clip is available in other venues, such as VKontakte.  sent a request to representatives of the social network.

Husky clip “Judas” in “VKontakte”

It is not known what exactly the claims of the state authorities have arisen for the Husky clip. However, in one of the verses he reads: “In my player ********* [an offensive word in relation to homosexuals – approx. ]. And the terrorists are on the wire. ”

In 2018, YouTube has already blocked Russian clips at the request of the authorities. In August, video hosting restricted access to the video for the song “Coin” by the LSP group due to “a description of the method of committing suicide” and “calls for suicide”. In October, YouTube and “VKontakte”, at the request of Roskomnadzor, blocked the fan-made video on the Oksimiron track “Last Call” – the song got into the news after the massacre at Kerch College.

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