“Yandex.Taxi” allowed to call up to three cars at the same time

You can call them both yourself and another person.

In the Yandex.Taxi application, you can make two or three orders at the same time, was informed by the press service of Yandex. This feature will be available to those who have already made “several” trips in the service – they did not disclose the exact amount in Yandex.

As explained in the press service, the service introduced exactly three orders, because “most often people need 2-3 cars at the same time.” To call the second or third car, you must click the “More Taxi” button. You can call the car both to yourself and to another person – he will receive messages with information about the trip, which the person who ordered will see in his application.

Two or three taxis can be ordered in one place or in different ones. In addition, the application shows when each order began and ended.

New feature allows you to monitor multiple trips at once. At the bottom of the screen – small order cards with the main information about the trips, which varies depending on the status.

The function will start in stages: first, it will become available for iOS users, then on Android, but did not specify the exact dates in Yandex. For the first time, “Yandex” mentioned the function of calling a taxi to another person, telling about the appearance of stories in the application.

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