WSJ: Apple will return iPhone X due to poor sales of iPhone XS

Against the background of additional rumors that the production of new iPhones was reduced after low demand.

  • According to sources from The Wall Street Journal, Apple will resume production and sales of the iPhone X in the coming month. It was withdrawn from sale simultaneously with the presentation of three models – XS, XR and XS Max. The interlocutors added that X was cheaper because it was cheaper to produce;
  • The publication noted that Apple will return the old iPhone because of quotas on OLED-screens, which it buys from Samsung. In October 2017, the media learned that Samsung plans to earn on details for the iPhone X more than on details for the Galaxy S8 – about 4 billion dollars;
  • However, as Reuters noted , XS and XS Max sales are lower than Apple had expected, so the company is forced to cut production. In both updates are OLED-screens, and in the XR – LCD-displays. Thus, Apple does not sell enough devices to fulfill purchase obligations from Samsung.

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