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Travel risk map 2019

Interactive map shows relative risk of traveling to every country of the world.

The map shows the level of danger in each country based on the current threat of political violence (including terrorism, unrest, politically motivated unrest and war), social tensions (including sectarian, communal and ethnic violence) and violent crimes and minor offenses. Factors such as the reliability of transport infrastructure, the state of production relations, the effectiveness of security services and emergency services, and the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters are also taken into account.

The map lists five risk categories: minor, low, medium, high, and extreme.

The countries with low risk in Europe include only Luxembourg, Denmark, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark (Greenland). Most European countries are considered low-risk countries, including the UK, as well as Iran, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Uzbekistan in the Middle East. Most high-risk countries are located in Africa and the Middle East.

The medical rating was calculated by assessing a number of health risks: infectious diseases, environmental factors, standards for local emergency medical and dental care, access to high-quality pharmaceutical products, cultural, linguistic or administrative barriers.

The map is available at this link.

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