The German astronaut found floppy disks on the ISS. They were almost 20 years ago left by the first station crew

All this time, NASA and Windows 95 document floppy disks were in a locker that no one opened.

Photo by Alexander Gerst

German astronaut and current ISS commander Alexander Gerst shared on Twitter an unusual find at the station – a folder with old NASA diskettes. He said that he had stumbled upon them in a locker that “had not been opened for a long time.” During the time that the diskettes spent in the compartment, they turned from the actual data carrier into a “museum piece”.

Two diskettes with personal data turned out to be signed – they belonged to “Shep” and “Sergey”. Most likely, their owners were William Shepherd and Sergey Krikalyov, participants of the first long-term expedition of the ISS. Together with another Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gidzenko, they stayed at the station for 136 days from November 2000 to March 2001.

Gerst’s subscribers noticed a collection of programs for Windows 95/98 among diskettes. Space enthusiast John Gardy recalled that this was the main OS on the International Space Station for many years.

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