Samsung will work on details for the iPhone X more than on the details for the Galaxy S8

At about 4 billion dollars.

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Samsung, despite competition from Apple in the smartphone market, will earn $ 4 billion more from selling parts for the iPhone X than selling parts for the Galaxy S8. The study was conducted by Counterpoint Technology for The Wall Street Journal.

The authors calculated the amount based on the fact that Samsung will earn 110 dollars from one new-generation iPhone, and 202 dollars from one of its own flagship. According to the forecast, in 20 months Apple will sell about 130 million iPhone X, and Samsung – about 50 million Galaxy S8.

Counterpoint Technology’s analysis takes into account sales of batteries and capacitors manufactured by Samsung Electronics. In addition, the company will supply OLED screens and NAND chips for the iPhone X. Sources WSJ reported that Apple and Samsung have been collaborating for more than 10 years: since the time when flash memory was supplied for the iPod. Despite this, the two companies sued each other several times .

In early 2017, analysts wrote that Apple would postpone the release of the iPhone 8 because of problems with components, including OLED screens without Samsung side frames. In July, the media learned about the company’s intention to invest in LG $ 2 billion to create a production of displays for the new iPhone.

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