RBC: against rapper Husky opened a criminal case for damage to another’s property

Earlier, the lawyer said that it was composed of three administrative protocols.

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Regarding rapper Husky (Dmitry Kuznetsov), a criminal case was opened, toldRBC law enforcement sources. According to the newspaper, the case was brought under part 1 of article 167 of the Criminal Code (intentional destruction or damage to someone else’s property, causing significant damage).

The first part of the article suggests a penalty of up to 40 thousand rubles, mandatory work for up to 360 hours, arrest for up to three months, or imprisonment for up to two years.

Alexey Avanesyan, a lawyer for Husky, told RBC that he did not know anything about initiating a case. Musician manager Andrei Orekhov, in an interview with the publication, said that he had not received such information. The press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not confirm or deny information about the initiation of a criminal case.

Updated at 14:32: Attorney-at-law rapper Natalya Zhdanovich, in her conversation with Novaya Gazeta, did not confirm the initiation of a criminal case.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]There is no question of any criminal case. This information is not confirmed.[/perfectpullquote]
Natalya Zhdanovich
Husky’s lawyer

According to a source of RBC Krasnodar in law enforcement, at present, the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting a linguistic examination of the Husky texts for the presence of extremism.

Updated at 4:44 pm: The press service of the Interior Ministry’s department for the Krasnodar Territory reported that “the issue is being resolved” to initiate a case under part 1 of Article 167 of the Criminal Code.

The name of the person in relation to whom a case may be initiated is not called. In this case, the department reported that the man read rap on the roof of a car. He was asked to stop the “illegal actions”, but he did not respond. Then he was detained and taken to the police station. The owner of the car on which the detainee stood, wrote a statement about the damage to the windshield and the roof of the car.

On the morning of November 22, it became known that there were three administrative protocols on the Huskies. Before that, he was detained in Krasnodar during a performance on the street. The rapper began to sing the song “Ay”, having climbed on someone else’s car, since the performance did not take place in the club.

On November 21, Husky had a concert scheduled at the Arena Hall in Krasnodar, but the club canceled the event after warning the prosecutor’s office. After that, Husky transferred the performance to the Bounce club, but it also did not take place, although the organizers disclosed the place only to ticket buyers. The rapper climbed onto the car near the club and began to perform “Ay”, but he was dragged from there and taken away.

On November 17, YouTube blocked the Husky “Judas” video in Russia “at the request of government agencies”. What kind of claims have arisen from government agencies is unknown.

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