On the rapper Husky detained in Krasnodar they made three administrative protocols

The maximum penalty for each of the offenses may be 15 days.

The Krasnodar police filed three administrative protocols against rapper Hasky (Dmitry Kuznetsov) who was detained on November 21 in the evening. About this “Interfax” told lawyer Kuznetsova Alexey Avanesyan.

Kuznetsov was accused of illegally organizing a mass stay of citizens in public places, of disorderly conduct associated with disobedience to the legal demand of a representative of the authorities, as well as refusing to undergo a medical examination.

The maximum penalty for each of the offenses can be up to 15 days of arrest. The trial will take place on November 22. The rapper’s lawyer told that Husky would stay at the police station until the trial.

On November 21, Husky had a concert scheduled at the Arena Hall in Krasnodar, but the club canceled the event after warning the prosecutor’s office. After that, Husky transferred the performance to the Bounce club, but it also did not take place, although the organizers disclosed the place only to ticket buyers. The rapper climbed onto the car near the club and began to perform “Ay”, but he was dragged from there and taken away.

On November 17, YouTube blocked the Husky “Judas” video in Russia “at the request of government agencies”. What kind of claims have arisen from government agencies is unknown.

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