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In Russia, developed neyrokopku

In Russia, a project is being developed, under which a neurocaptation is being created with a system for monitoring the condition of the driver. She continuously removes the EEG, monitors blinking, controls the balance of the body, they write “Izvestia”. The data obtained should prevent falling asleep at the wheel and critical loss of attention.

Engineers point out that similar systems already exist – these are bracelets, external sensors aimed at the driver and analyzing his driving behavior. According to the laboratory of the neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness of the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Dorokhov, the most accurate definition of falling asleep and the appearance of micronum can only be considered using an electroencephalogram.

Engineers have already managed to construct a miniature encephalograph in the form of an ordinary cap. “The new version of the device also contains a myographic sensor that monitors the blinking of the eyes and the activity of the superciliary muscles, as well as an accelerometer that allows you to monitor body balance, ” said project manager Vladimir Statut.

The data is processed by the smartphone application, informing the driver and dispatcher about a potentially dangerous situation.

The neuro-cap passed field tests in the Novgorod region, whose authorities would like to make it mandatory for drivers to carry buses carrying children.

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