HTC has denied withdrawal from the smartphone market

HTC denied rumors that the smartphone U12 + will be the last, after which the company will leave the market of mobile phones. On the contrary, HTC intends to strengthen the product line and is preparing new devices for the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. The companies are confident in their abilities, since “smartphones have become an integral part of modern life,” Digitimes reports .

The smartphone maker believes that the future of the mobile industry is closely related to VR technology. HTC will also pay significant attention to technologies related to artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G.

On the eve of the company recognized the problem with the helmets of virtual reality Vive Wireless. Devices, as it turned out, are not compatible with the “iron” AMD. Companies are trying to resolve the issue, but until then, Vive Wireless buyers can issue a refund.

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