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Facebook Vice President of Communications pleaded guilty to hiring a firm that wrote custom-made Apple and Google articles

Thus, Elliot Schrage, who announced plans to leave the company in the summer, covered up the criticism from Zuckerberg and Sandberg.

Elliot Schrage and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg. Reuters Photos

Facebook Vice President of Communications Elliot Schrage (Elliot Schrage) published an official appeal, where he pleaded guilty to hiring the PR-firm Definers, which wrote critical articles about the company’s competitors. The truth about the details of cooperation came to light after a large investigation by The New York Times  wrote in detail about this), however, Facebook had not previously named the person responsible for concluding a contract with Definers.

What is said in the appeal

In September 2017, Schrage, without the knowledge of Mark Zuckerberg and executive director Cheryl Sandberg, who secretly defends the interests of the company in the government, signed a contract with a PR firm. Thus, the Vice-President for Communications wanted to improve the reputation of the social network in power. Collaboration with Definers also had to reduce the pressure on the company from competitors (it’s not specified in the circulation), which called on the government to strengthen legal control over Facebook.

The task of the PR firm was to create a positive Facebook image, collaborate with the press, send out press releases and conduct research on the social network. Schrage admitted that in addition to this, the company was given the task of collecting information about billionaire George Soros. Previously, he publicly criticized Facebook, which he did not do before, and Definers asked to collect data about him, “in order to understand which groups are hiding behind him”.

The vice president of communications dismissed accusations that Facebook ordered fake news about competitors from Definers. It was only about the articles pointing to the negative sides of competitors and the positive sides of Facebook. He added that he regretted his failure to hire the company and promised that the investigation into her will continue.

Will Schrage incur punishment

After the publication of the investigation of Facebook’s cooperation with a PR firm, the media discussed who could be fired from the company. Part of the suspicion fell on Zuckerberg (promised not to leave the company) and Sandberg (did not comment), but with his confession Shrejj removed from them, at least officially, the blame for what happened.

Most likely, the admission of guilt does not threaten Shreij with additional sanctions from the company’s management, as he announced his departure from Facebook in July 2018. Since then, the top manager has helped his successor Nick Clegg, a British liberal politician, to adapt in the firm. It is not known when Shrage will leave his post.

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