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Engineers Developed the HAL 9000 Prototype

Under the wing of the research firm TRACLabs in Houston, CASE (Cognitive Architecture for Space Exploration) is being developed, which is called the prototype of the advanced computer HAL 9000 from Arthur Clarke’s Space Odyssey and Stanley Kubrick of the same name.

The author of the development is Pete Bonasso, a specialist in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. It is noted that the possibilities of CASE will be limited in comparison with the HAL 9000 – he will not be able to kill people and take any other strange actions. However, it was HAL 9000 that inspired Bonasso to create CASE.

CASE is being developed to monitor and control the complex systems of spacecraft and stations, both automatically and interacting with people. According to TechCrunch, the CASE platform is not AI in the usual sense. However, this is a system with a complex architecture, in the long term capable of independent actions taken depending on the situation, tasks, orders and other aspects.

The user, for example, says: “Send an all-terrain vehicle to the gateway . ” In this case, CASE will answer: “We have two all-terrain vehicles at our disposal. “ATV 1” is charging. Send “All-terrain vehicle 2 ″?” Or like this: “Open the lock door, CASE” Unlike the HAL 9000, CASE will answer: “Of course, Dave.”

It is a pity, but a lot of time will pass before the appearance of a fully functional version of CASE.

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