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Co-founder of Queen has fallen out of love with Apple because of USB-C

British musician Brian May posted to Instagram a photo of a damaged USB-C plug from an Apple laptop, accompanied by a lengthy message. In it, the co-founder of the group Queen talks about how his love for Apple turned into hatred – all because of the rejection of the MagSafe connector, which first appeared in Apple laptops about 12 years ago.

“Now we have to use these damned USB-C connectors, ” Brian May continued, and complained about the need to carry these uncomfortable new adapters. In addition, he said, will have to spend a lot of money to get all the necessary wires.


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This is one of the reasons my love for Apple is turning to hatred. Now we’re forced into using these damn USB-C connectors for everything. It means we have to carry around a bagful of pesky adaptors, we have to throw away ALL our old charging leads, and spend tons of money on new ones, and if something tugs in the wire it does NOT harmlessly fall out like the Mag-Safe plugs we all got so used to (genius). And if one of these things is plugged into the left hand side and we roll the computer to the left to insert in into the right hand side – THIS happens. A bent USB-C connector which is instantly useless. So we spend more and more money replacing the horrible things. I recently also found out how little Apple Help cares if you run into problems – all they want to do is sell you more stuff. All in all – Apple has become an an entirely selfish monster. But they have us enslaved. It’s hard to find a way out. Anybody out there have the same feeling ? Bri

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Proprietary MagSafe, in turn, an elderly musician called a brilliant solution. It, unlike USB-C, does not break if you try to move the computer to reconnect the power.

Then he again complained about the need to spend money: “All Apple wants is to push you more . ” He also called the company a selfish monster.

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