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Blizzard makes a game of Warcraft in the style of Pokemon Go

Despite the fact that Blizzard fans didn’t like the idea of ​​mobile Diablo Immortal, the company is not going to abandon this direction. Too large base of potential gamers owns smartphones. And judging by the information Kotaku , we will soon have an announcement of a mobile game on Warcraft, inspired by Pokemon Go.

World of Warcraft lead game designer Corey Stockton is a huge Pokemon fan, many Blizzard employees play on the Pokemon Go campus, competing with each other. And soon they will have a new hobby, which will also include elements of a single game.

“Blizzard has a lot of mobile players, ” one Kotaku source said. – There are many people who really love mobile games. The reaction within the company to Immortal is very different from the one that was outside the company.

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