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Belarus has over-fulfilled the plan for “tax on Google”

According to the results of nine months, the “tax on Google” replenished the budget by 10.7 million rubles, which is more than $ 5 million at the current rate. At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry of Taxes and Charges announced plans to collect about $ 4 million for VAT in the current year. There are already 53 foreign organizations registered with the tax, BelTA informs .

The structure of the services provided is dominated by the granting of rights to use digital content (games, e-books, music and video).

It is noted that the submission of tax reports and subsequent interaction with the tax authorities occurs only in electronic form. When charging a tax, a standard rate of 20% is applied.

Among the payers are foreign companies such as Wargaming, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Valve and others. Some of the companies take the burden of tax on themselves, without burdening them Belarusians.

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