Architecture: Hotel in an abandoned quarry in China

The construction lasted 12 years.

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The five-star Shimao Quarry Hotel, built almost entirely in an abandoned industrial quarry, was opened near Shanghai . During World War II, coal was mined at this place, and the quarry was officially closed only in 2000 due to its inconsistency with modern environmental requirements.

Over five thousand specialists worked on the project, including architect Martin Yohman, who created the famous hotel in the shape of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah sail in Dubai. According to Yohman, the project provides for the protection of buildings from natural disasters – the hotel can withstand an earthquake or flood in the rainy season.

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The central building of the hotel is the 18-floor Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel. It also houses an entertainment center and a large gym, where, in addition to regular workouts, you can go climbing.

There are a total of 336 rooms in the hotel, one overnight stay will cost approximately $ 500 (about 33 thousand rubles). In this case, the most expensive room costs 14 thousand dollars (about 917 thousand rubles) per night.

During the construction phase, some Chinese media reported that the “highlight” of the hotel would be an artificial waterfall, falling right along the hotel building. As a result, there is a waterfall in the quarry, but it is located opposite the main building, and it has a view from the windows of some rooms.

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