Onboard system “Yandex.Driva” learned how to automatically adapt to the user

When landing in a car with the Yandex.Avto system, she recognizes the user by his account in the car sharing application.

A frame from the Yandex.Drive promo video featuring the new feature.

The Yandex.Avto multimedia system, which is used in the car sharing part of Yandex.Drive, has learned how to automatically adapt to individual users through a joint account in Yandex.

Authorization works automatically when you open the car. The system will go into the same account under which the user is logged in in Yandex.Drive, and voice assistant Alice will greet him by name. According to the company, on November 21, the function will be maintained on 100% of car sharing machines with Yandex.Auto.

While personalization allows you to set up a little – only navigation and radio station. For example, the machine can say “Listen, Alice, let’s go home,” and if the home address was saved in the settings (for example, “Yandex.Navigator” or “Yandex.Maps”), then the system will create a route. The radio station is also understood to include the playlist from the user’s favorite songs, but the system still does not support the full-fledged version of Yandex.Music (in which you can choose what to listen to yourself).

In the future, the company can also do such cross-platform authorization in Yandex.Taxi, for example, to also include the user’s favorite songs on the way, Yandex.Avto CEO Andrey Vasilevsky said. In his opinion, someday the system will be able to memorize settings such as the angle of the back of the chair or the temperature level in the cabin.

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