NASA has initiated a SpaceX security check due to the smoked Musk

Some officials in the United States were unhappy with the childish prank of Elon Musk, who allowed himself a camera in the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in September to draw a jamb with marijuana. This is what the Washington Post explains the NASA-initiated security check at SpaceX enterprises.

The official representative of the agency explained it this way:

“The check will make sure that companies comply with NASA’s workplace safety requirements, including drug-free working conditions.”

Earlier, NASA head Jim Brydenstein said that “culture and leadership begin at the top.” Although it is not entirely clear why Boeing came under the check.

Trick Musk has already led to the fact that the US Air Force (one of SpaceX’s clients) expressed concern and were going to arrange some kind of internal check on the behavior of an entrepreneur.

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