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In China, fans of the blocked parodies application launched an offline protest through car beeps

Local authorities have already begun to fight this and are going to fine for “inappropriate buzz.”

Popular in China, the Neihan Duanzi app with jokes and memes was blocked for “bad humor,” but fans have found a way to express solidarity with each other. They use a regular car horn.

Drivers use a special combination of sounds, showing that they are fans of Neihan Duanzi. To express support for the application, you need to beep, pause, and then beep two more times.

Thus, fans are looking for each other in real life, but the use of a “secret code” also violates Chinese law. According to local publications, the authorities are already struggling with protest and are interrogating everyone who is suspiciously buzzing.

Chinese media cited the example of a bus driver who was detained and interrogated after accidentally using a dial tone. The authorities called on drivers to “bicke” only when necessary, and in some Chinese cities posted signs prohibiting “inappropriate buzz.” Violators intend to fine 100 yuan (about 16 US dollars).

Fans of the app also complain about its loss to the inactive account of the company-developer Toutiao in the social network Weibo. One user noted that turning off Neihan Duanzi could be a serious threat to society. Some fans of the application located in one place about 40 cars to show the “Chinese character” to their city, but local police said that it “seems to be illegal.”

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The Neihan Duanzi application was blocked in China on April 11 for “bad jokes”. Soon, its creators announced the shutdown of the service forever. Together with Neihan Duanzi, the censors deleted his page on the Weibo social network, where jokes were also posted.

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