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Flashmob: Karma Is A Bitch Challenge

Spectacular change of images with the catchphrase – modesty is not the place.

The Chinese began to massively make short videos with a dramatic change of images, repeating the phrase “Karma is a bitch” (Karma – bitch). Flashmob originated among users of Chinese social networks in January 2018.

In the first part of the video, the characters are usually dressed at home – in pajamas, a robe or hoodies, their hair is carelessly collected, and makeup is not applied. They open their mouths under the phrase “Karma is a bitch”, carry out a piece of cloth or a towel in front of the camera, and then radically change the image. The videos are made using the Dou Yin app, similar to ( iOS , Android ).

All this happens under the remix of the song “ Gucci Gucci ”, popular in 2011. Although some may see misogyny in the words of a rapper Kreishan (she reads that everything is “in junk like Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada” is “basic bitches” or mediocrity), the track for the flash mob was chosen, apparently, just like that it does not matter.

The Chinese have taken the expression “Karma is a bitch” from the TV series ” Riverdale “, the teen drama of the channel CW. The context in which the heroine of the show pronounced her is also not important: the phrase is effective in and of itself.

The flash mob has already gone beyond its scope, showing that its rules are somewhat arbitrary.

For those who are too lazy to watch short videos separately, there have been collections on YouTube with remarkable flash mob members.

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