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Chinese media covered up Winnie the Pooh in frames from the game. Because the head of the country is constantly being compared with him

First, the cartoon character was removed from social networks, then from the cinema, now – they came for the games.

One of the major websites of China about the A9VG games painted Winnie the Pooh in the screenshots of the Japanese game Kingdom Hearts III. Instead of a cartoon character, a white cloud was left in the frames – the rest of the characters were not touched.dailytech paid attention to this .

Winnie the Pooh is almost completely forbidden character in China. In 2017, pictures with him began to be removed from social networks, and in 2018, the country did not show the film “Christopher Robin” and blocked the HBO sites. The fact is that the head of China, Xi Jinping, is regularly compared with a cartoon hero.

For the first time, Xi Jinping was compared to Winnie the Pooh in 2013 during a meeting with Barack Obama at a summit in the United States. And Weibo (similar to Twitter), and Baidu (local search engine) banned this collage, as well as any similar images.

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