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A new species of beetles was named Augyles letovi – in honor of Yegor Letov.

Of course, not the airport, but at least something.

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Russian entomologists named a new species of beetles from the Pilous family in honor of the leader of the Civil Defense group, Egor Letov. Insects were found in the north of Vietnam back in 1976, but have not been described before.

The Russian entomologist Alexey Sazhnev from the Papanin Institute of Biology of Inland Waters gave the name to a new species of pillows. Augyles letovi has a light brown color with yellowish spots on the back. Sazhnev identified the beetles as a new species in the shape of the male genitalia and patterns on the sheaths.

Pilousa are aquatic insects from the order of the beetle. They live almost everywhere except Antarctica, entomologists know about 370 species of these insects, most of which live in the tropics.

All piluses lead a similar lifestyle, so outwardly they resemble each other. Scientists usually pay attention only to external factors and the structure of the male genitalia.

On November 12, finalists of the list of contests for new names of airports in Russian cities became known . The names of Yegor Letov (Omsk), Sergey Shnurov (Petersburg), Zenit football player Alexander Anyukov (Samara), football players Rinat Dasayev (Astrakhan) and Lev Yashin (Moscow, Sheremetyevo) did not get there. These candidates were especially supported in social networks.

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