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“Uncle Sasha”: an advertising cartoon about the acting actress appeared in the public places of VKontakte governor of Petersburg

“Fontanka” learned that the “troll factory” was involved in its creation.

In VKontakte and on YouTube, a cartoon appeared with the PR of the acting governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov. The video appeared simultaneously in several public places, and a “trolley factory” is allegedly related to its creation. “Fontanka” drew attention to this .

In the video, an abstract official with big cheeks hides “complaints of youth” and goes to the forum. He is sitting at a table with a governor who looks like Beglov – they discuss the problems of the youth. The official says that there are no problems, but one of the viewers calls these problems. The governor replies that he will personally deal with these issues, and the official falls into the ground after the phrase: “May I fail.” “There is no escape from these liars. And we will certainly build kindergartens, ”sums up the governor.

On November 16, the video appeared in several communities on VKontakte, including: Peter ‘s Cream , Trump. Our country – our rules “,” Putin “,” Federation of humor “,” Russia everywhere – where the Russians . ” On the same day, the video was released on the YouTube channel “Rosmultfilm” with 16 subscribers and no other videos – such an organization does not exist. Users told Fontanka that the video was played in front of pirate movies as an advertisement.

This is not the first time that the public in VKontakte simultaneously publish videos with political overtones. In July 2018, several communities advertised theelection of the mayor of Moscow, and in September dozens of city public Tula sowed a video about the new embankment before the elections .

As the newspaper found out, the user who published the video is called Eduard Zavyalov, and his friends are on VKontakte, Vice-Governor Igor Albin and State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov. Zavyalov called himself a journalist and offered to ask Milonov questions for Vestnik Rossii, a publication included in the Internet Research Agency.

The Internet Research Agency is supposedly an organization associated with businessman Yevgeny Prigogine, which is called the “trolley factory.” In April, Facebook users and other Russian-language media were blocked on Facebook due to suspicions of interfering in the American elections. In September, the United States put the company Prigogine in the black list.

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