Russia has developed the concept of a high-speed train for the future highway

The company “Russian Railways” presented the concept of the first Russian high-speed train, reports TASS. It is assumed that the train will be operated on a high-speed highway Moscow – Kazan. Its construction is scheduled to begin in 2019.

Photo: The concept of a high-speed train from Russian Railways, which will be faster than the Sapsan.

The train will consist of 12 wagons with a distributed load: the train will receive six motor and six non-motor wagons. The structural speed of the train is 360 km / h, the demonstration speed is 400 km / h.

The total number of seats in the train of 12 cars is 682 plus 40 seats in the bistro car. In wagons of the first class, the seats are laid out in the recumbent position, while in the other classes they are folded at different angles.

The length of the path will be about 790 km, stops will be organized on the highway every 50-70 km. Travel time will be 3.5 hours versus 14 hours now.

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