Photo: The concept of a high-speed train from Russian Railways, which will be faster than the Sapsan.

Render week from the carrier, which yesterday showed reserved seat of the future.

Photo here and further JSC High-Speed ​​Railways

RZD presented the concept of the first Russian high-speed train, TASS reportedwith reference to the carrier’s subsidiary High-Speed ​​Railways. The company showed the render the next day after the demonstration of future second-class carriages.

The first high-speed train will be operated on the Moscow-Kazan highway. Travel time will be reduced from the current 14 hours to 3.5 hours. According to the Russian Railways, the construction of the pipeline is planned to begin in 2019, but in October 2017, Vedomosti reported on the possible transfer of construction.

  • 12 cars: 682 seats and 40 seats in the bistro;
  • The cars are divided into four classes: one for the first class, one for the business class, one for the bistro, four for the economy class and five for the tourist class;
  • 85 passenger seats are designed according to the “3 + 2” system so that the seat can be turned in the direction of travel. The seats in the first-class cars will be folded into the recumbent position, and in the other classes they will be folded at different angles;
  • The construction speed of 360 kilometers per hour, the demonstration – 400 kilometers per hour. For comparison: the design speed of the Sapsan is 250 kilometers per hour.

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