“Magic Above All:” Russian short film on the world by JK Rowling published in “VKontakte”

Part of the money to finance the painting was collected using crowdfunding on Planeta.ru.

The authors of the Russian short film “Magic Above All” published a picture on the project page in VKontakte. Commentators on the social networks differed in their assessments: some praised the atmosphere and the picture, others noted that the authors “have something to work on,” and complained that they did not understand some of the plot twists and turns.

The premiere of the first teaser picture, which became the final work of several students of VGIK, was held in the summer of 2017. At the same time, its creators told  that the whole team worked “for the idea,” including professional actors who were included in the crew.

After that, the film and its fragments were shown at several festivals, including the Comic-Con in San Diego.

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