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“Yandex” showed the first “smart” columns from third-party developers with the support of “Alice”

They cost much less and cheaper than Yandex.Station.


On November 19, Yandex at its press conference showed the first “smart” speakers from third-party developers that support the voice assistant Alice. The devices were manufactured by the Russian companies Irbis A and Dexp Smartbox. Broadcast event are “Vedomosti”.

  • Irbis A and Dexp Smartbox speakers work on the platform, which allows you to embed the “smart” assistant “Alice” into any devices. Sensors are available for third-party developers for more than a year – an application can be made on the site ;
  • “Alice” in mini-columns answers questions, sets an alarm clock, selects music, gives “home tips”. However, unlike the full version in Yandex.Station, it does not connect to the TV and has degraded acoustics;
  • As noted in the company, the new devices will allow more people to get acquainted with “Alice”. The presentation stated that the monthly audience of the assistant is 30 million people;
  • Mini-columns with “Alice” will cost 3290 rubles. For comparison, “Yandeks.Stantsiya” in the usual colors of worth 9990 rubles, and in the red housing – about 14 thousand rubles;
  • There is no exact sales date for Irbis A and Dexp Smartbox devices. At Yandex,  was told that the speakers would start selling before the New Year in M.Video and DNS stores.
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