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New game from Valve scolded: “Pay for everything you do”

Since November 19, an open beta has begun for Valve’s collectible card game Artifact, and players are already complaining that the game is too tied up with money from the real world. In social networks, gamers are already offering to withdraw pre-orders and not to buy the game, so as not to support such aggressive monetization.

What caused this anger? First, the game is paid – it costs $ 20. For this money, the player also receives a basic set of cards. Secondly, each new set can be purchased for $ 2 directly or through the Steam marketplace. Thirdly, to get sets, you need to play not in casual, but in expert mode. Access to it is only by ticket. At the beginning of the game there are five of them. New tickets can be bought for real money for about $ 1 per ticket.

Familiarized with the game users say that the game does not want to be encouraged for the time spent on it. And all the modes for which you can get a reward are paid.

Release Artifact will be held November 28.

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