“IPad Pro bends like paper.” Apple tablet turned out to be fragile

The popular video blogger JerryRigEverything has recently tested the strength of the new Apple tablet, which turned out to be a rather fragile device. During the tests, the device underwent standard “torture”: it was scratched, burned, and decided to bend under the final. Even before the “Bendtest”, it was possible to assume that it would not be able to resist the iPad Pro 2018 for a long time.

At first, I got the stylus for the tablet – it broke down with little effort from the author of the video.

However, the most interesting, of course, began when JerryRigEverything began to explore the possibilities of the tablet itself. This time, the engineer gave himself up, having painted the back panel of the iPad Pro, then got to the camera lens, and, finally, it was the turn of the “Bendtest”.

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