Vertu phone for $ 360 thousand will be delivered by helicopter

Mobile phone manufacturer Vertu does not pursue diagonals, high resolutions and performance: the company continues to produce push-button “dialers” with precious metals and stones and sculpt a fabulous price tag on them. For example, the presented Signature Cobra Limited Edition is priced at about $ 360,000, in total, eight models will be released in this performance.

On the snake, wrapped around the front panel, it took 439 rubies. The eyes of the snake served two emeralds. It is reported that the mobile phone consists of 388 different parts, the French jewelry house Boucheron was engaged in the creation of the model. Apparently, this is an updated version of a similar model: descriptions and photos of the same type of mobile phone were previously found on the network.

The phone will be available for order only through the Chinese online store Jingdong Mall. Deliver a mobile phone by helicopter. Apparently, it is assumed that the customer in the yard will certainly have a landing site.

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