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The scandal in Nintendo because of the behavior of the head of the Russian division – he insulted employees during the stream. Tezisno

The players demanded to fire Yasha Khaddagi, and the company launched an investigation.

Yasha Haddaji (middle) and leading stream Nintendo, around which there was a scandal
Nintendo opened an internal investigation because of the behavior of Yasha Haddagi, the general director of the Russian division, including due to his inappropriate attitude towards his subordinates. The reason was the conflict during the live broadcast of the festival Level Up Days.
  • In the summer of 2017, Nintendo Russia conducted a stream from the event. The recording from the third day of the festival was made public just now: on November 15, 2018, Save Nintendo user posted a video with a live broadcast on YouTube.
  • From the video broadcast it follows that since its inception there were technical problems. Colleagues regularly distracted two leading organizational issues. Then Khaddagi entered the frame and told the operator that the broadcast did not start. According to the Save Nintendo explanation, the head of the Russian division simply did not receive a notification from VKontakte on his smartphone;
  • Haddaji insulted employees several times (for example, calling them mentally retarded), used a checkmate and threatened to fire them. At the same time, the broadcast was not interrupted, and the head of the Russian division of the company did not leave the frame;
  • On the day the video was posted on the website , a petition appeared demanding to fire Khaddagi. The players called the chapter “Nintendo Russia” its main enemy responsible for the “chaos” in the company. According to the authors of the petition, many actions of the Russian Nintendo occur for the sake of reports. “If Yasha dismisses someone, then this person will be difficult to get somewhere else,” the statement says. The petition on is not legally binding, but it has gained almost 4.5 thousand signatures;
  • Former employees of Nintendo Russia told Kanobu about regular humiliation and insults under the command of Khaddagi. According to the publication’s interlocutors, the head of the Russian subdivision specifically created conflicts for the sake of complicating the work.
  • Kanobu claimed that many workers were intimidated and did not want to talk about Khaddahi even anonymously. Other sources said that outside the work, the head of Nintendo Russia had a reputation for being a pleasant person;
  • On November 17, Nintendo confirmed that she was aware of what had happened, and called the behavior of Khaddazhi “inappropriate to their policies and values.” The company noted that the head of the Russian division of “lost composure during an operator scandal.”
  • In Nintendo, they noted that they were familiar with the complaints of employees and treat the incident “very seriously.” Representatives of the company said they would not comment on the situation until the end of the investigation;
  • Haddagi has headed Nintendo Russia since 2011. He told Kanobu about the availability of instructions, according to which he should not comment on this situation.

Video Save Nintendo with a passage of the stream and the call to dismiss Yasha Haddagi
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