Some iPhone X crunches the screen

iPhone X can surely be called a completely rethought iPhone. New screen, design, lack of Touch ID, camera … This list of innovations could not do without all sorts of hardware problems.

As a supplement to the green bars of the screen , a blogger from the YouTube channel iAppleGeek discovered another unpleasant nuance in the design of the iPhone X.

When you click on the left bottom edge of the screen, the brand new iPhone X emits a distinctive click.

This problem is an old disease of many iPhones. This hardware flaw was found on my iPhone 6, and on other models of iPhones of my colleagues.

But such a creaking when you click on the screen, at least six months or a year of operation. Representatives of the service center explained this problem by shrinking the adhesive used to seal the screen from the case.

In the case of the iPhone X, the problem appears almost immediately. Whether Apple relates this defect to warranty cases is still unclear. If it has not been 14 days since the purchase of the iPhone X and you found a similar bug, we strongly recommend replacing the smartphone. YouTube ]

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