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Photo: Protests of “yellow vests” in France because of rising fuel prices

One of the demonstrators was crushed to death, more than 200 people were injured.

On November 17, actions were held across France against rising prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. According to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 282 thousand residents took part in the demonstration.

One of the participants of the action died. The car of a resident of Le Pont de Bovoisen, who was taking her daughter to the hospital, was surrounded by protesters and tried to stop her. She panicked and pushed the gas, and then ran into a 63-year-old demonstrator. In addition, during clashes injured more than 227 people, seven of whom were seriously injured. Police arrested 52 people.

The organizers were also ordinary residents, who had been discussing the coming strike on social networks for several weeks. In total, the Yellow Vests movement intended to hold about 2000 public events in more than 600 cities and communes of the country. The name is explained as follows: jackets of this color should have any driver in France.

The protesters called on the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron, to resign, and also said that “the people are angry,” they are “not dairy cows” and more taxes cannot be raised. Participants in rallies took to the streets, blocked roads or supported a rally from cars.

Now one liter of A-95 gasoline in France often costs more than 1.7 euros. Diesel fuel usually costs 1.4-1.5 euros per liter. According to various data media, for the year the cost of gasoline has risen in price by 7-15%, and diesel fuel – by 15-25%. The French government also announced another increase, which will occur in early 2019.

According to Macron, in France you need to increase taxes on fuel in order to stimulate development in the field of environmentally friendly fuel and renewable energy – this should reduce dependence on oil.

Protester with a poster “Unite, thank the people, stop the price” in Bordeaux. AFP Photo
Protesters blocked the toll road near Marseille. Le Monde Photos
Protesters and police near the Elysee Palace. AP Photo
Commune of Troyes. Photo @TroyesEmoi
Protesters blocked the road in Suffelweersime commune. AFP Photo
Photo @ edstertwit76
Protester in Paris. AFP Photo
Protests in Wendenheim. AFP Photo
Detention of a demonstrator in Paris. Getty Photos
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