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Meme: What was life without phones

On Twitter, parody of nostalgia is parodied – and they reach for the absurd.

In English-language Twitter, one can more and more often see “Not a cell phone in sight. Just people living in the moment “or” Not a single mobile phone. People just live in the present. ” With its help, social networks parody the stereotype that a smartphone prevents you from paying attention to other people or doing your favorite work.

To the standard caption add a picture in which something is atypical for everyday life. Commentators are ironic of nostalgia, but there are serious examples.

“Not a single cell phone. Parents are accustomed to leaving the nanny room restaurant and left to have fun “

Although copy-paste is already relatively old, judging by Google Trends, its popularity has increased since the beginning of November.

The dynamics of popularity “Not a cell phone in sight. Just people living in the moment. ” Chart from Google Trends

From this tweet with a picture of Jesus Christ everything started.

As an illustration, there can be anything, for example, a frame from a film, a TV show or a historical chronicle. But sometimes it’s just weird pictures.

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