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Google announced another cloud service in addition to Drive – Google One

He has a family plan and round-the-clock support.

Cloud storage service Google Drive has received a new brand in addition to the existing one – Google One, according to TechCrunch . There are no special differences, except for some price adjustment.

For users in the US, a new tariff plan of 200 GB for $ 2.99 per month has appeared, and the plan with 2 TB has fallen in price from $ 19.99 to $ 9.99. The tariff plan with 1 TB has disappeared – it cost just 9.99 dollars. In the future, it will be possible to divide the used space between five family members.

The differences will not only be in the name – Google One will also provide users with the opportunity to get around-the-clock help and answers on Google products from the company’s experts for free. Changes will not happen instantly: over the next few months, Google will transfer Drive user accounts to One, starting in the United States and later in other countries.

Google One has a Russian-language page , but it still reports that the service is not available, but will automatically work for the owners of a paid subscription to Google Drive over the next few months. Prices are currently in US dollars.

On the Russian-language page of the service “Google Drive” while there are old branding and pricing. A 100 GB plan costs 139 rubles a month, 1 TB – 699 rubles, 10 TB – 6990 rubles, and the most expensive, 30 TB, will cost 20 990 rubles a month. It is not yet clear whether changes in market tariffs will affect Russia.

It is noteworthy that the cloud service from Microsoft is called OneDrive.

Note : TechCrunch initially reported that the Google One is a renamed Google Drive with a slightly modified set of options. However, the content of the note subsequently changed.

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