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Elon Musk began to dig the promised tunnel near Los Angeles in order to avoid traffic jams

Founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors Elon Musk launched work on the construction of a tunnel in Los Angeles, which, according to the initial idea, should link the offices of two of his companies. The author of the idea explained that this would get rid of traffic jams. Before the construction of the facility began, Musk admitted that “he has no idea what he is doing.” This was reported by Wired.

The beginning of the construction of a tunnel near Los Angeles. Photo Wired
The beginning of the construction of a tunnel near Los Angeles. Photo Wired

According to Wired, last weekend the workers excavated a “test trench” near the SpaceX office, near Los Angeles Airport. It was 30 feet wide (about 9 meters), 50 feet long (15 meters), and 15 feet deep (4.5 meters). Where exactly the tunnel will go – to the airport or the Tesla office – is still unknown.

Elon Musk called the work carried out the start of the experiment. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla also plans to find out what is needed to increase the speed of construction: they intend to increase it by 500-1000%.

According to Wired, for work on the territory of two companies, their founder will do without additional approvals. However, to extend the tunnel to the airport in Los Angeles, Musk will need to discuss the project with the city authorities and obtain permission from them.

In a conversation with The Verge, Musk assured that the tunnels are the only way to get rid of traffic jams. According to him, unmanned vehicles will only exacerbate the situation on the roads, as they will make personal transport more accessible. Western media, citing studies by road experts, reported that the tunnel, on the contrary, will lead to an increase in traffic.

For the first time, Musk announced the upcoming project in December 2016. Then he complained about traffic jams between the offices of two of his companies, one of which is located in Silicon Valley, and the other in Los Angeles.

“Traffic jams drive me crazy. I’m going to build a car that digs a tunnel and start digging. ”

On January 25, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla spoke about the progress on the “tunnel front” and plans to begin construction in a month. He repeatedly confirmed his intentions.

At the same time, Musk ironically noted that the construction company should be called The Boring Company (“drilling” and “boring” in English). According to the Washington Post, in fact, he does not plan to establish a company to build a tunnel.

January 28, Musk announced the beginning of construction of the tunnel.

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