Electric mustang

The British company Charge Automotive introduced the all-electric Ford Mustang (restoration + modern).

The electric car will be built on the basis of a licensed body of the classic Ford Mustang model of the 1960s.

The main characteristics of the electric car:

  • power is 300 kW (400 hp);
  • torque 1200 Nm;
  • acceleration to a hundred in 3.09 seconds;
  • 64 kWh battery;
  • cruising range 200 km;
  • Support 50 kW charging.
  • Driving is carried out using a modern digital interface. With it, you can select the driving mode (Eco, Sport, Ultimate), adjust the ground clearance (Lower, Ride, Rise), change the type of drive from rear to full (RWD, AWD), etc.

    499 items will be produced in total. priced at £ 200,000. You can leave a request on the website

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