Benchmark: 10 best bed scenes in cinema history are named. I tell and SHOW

The Independent has published a list of the ten best sex scenes in cinema history. Experts note that, when evaluating the factories, they paid attention not only to camera work, but mainly to the way of telling the story – in some of the paintings in the top 10, there is no episode with a sex scene. However, the love story is revealed, including through erotica – the minimum of candor, maximum of emotions. Let’s watch.

“Valentine” (2010) The main characters of the film, whose roles are played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, are engaged in the plot several times or are trying to have sex. At the same time, experts singled out the scene in the soul at the 41st minute of the film, where the characters are engaged in oral sex. In this episode, there is nothing vulgar, because the operators do not focus on the fact of sex, but focus on the details: water, foam, the hands of men and the skin of a woman in the frame. after the release of this scene Ryan Gosling.
Love and Basketball (2000) The story of the film tells about a boy and a girl who fell in love with each other in childhood, but later they had to be separated. After many years they meet again, and the old feeling flashes with a new force. The experts who ranked for The Independent, noted that they gave their votes to the sex scene in the film “Love and Basketball” for the realistic picture of awkwardness and all-consuming passion between two lovers. In this episode, the girl is about to lose her virginity, and the young man, trying to curb his desire, wants above all to be gentle and careful.
“And your mother too” (2001) Two young men experiencing separation from their friends get acquainted with a middle-aged woman who ultimately seduces them both. According to the compilers of the rating, mainly the film (and in particular the three-person sex scenes) was able to very accurately show the release of the bisexuality of the two main male characters through a romance with the same lover.
“God’s Land” (2017) The answer is “Brokeback Mountain” – the critics of the gay-drama of the British director Francis Lee for the plot, in something very reminiscent of a picture with Heath Ledger and Jake Dzhillenhola. very worried about sex scenes (there are several of them in the picture). Later, he realized that the way each character has sex tells a lot about him as an individual. The first scene of intimacy occurs between the characters spontaneously and extremely messy, in the second they are already more romantic in relation to each other – this is a very important part of the story, which tells about spiritual rapprochement and respect for partners.
Carol (2015) Theresa (Rooney Mara) and Carol (Cate Blanchett), having sex, were so impressed with their eagerness and chemistry of critics of the whole world that this scene was called an “explosive substance” that was used by director Todd Haynes. “This is very similar on shooting a music video, – quotes The Independent Haynes. – You turn on the music and then just go, and the camera finds moments and accents. We had awesome stuff with these two women. ”
“Moonlight” (2016) Another gay drama, but now black actors play the main role, and the plot tells not only about their personal experiences, but also about the circumstances in which the story develops. This is a ghetto with its own rules, drugs and gunfights. There is simply no place for love, much less gay love. The film’s slogan – “Fate is not chosen” – refers both to the above circumstances and to the personalities of the heroes who realize that they are gay. Of course, the bed scenes in the context of this picture have become one of the most difficult at the time of filming, and, of course, there are no explicit frames of speech here.
“And now don’t look” (1973) Like the movie “Valentine”, the creators of this picture are faced with contradictions in the censorship of the bed scene. The main characters, experiencing the death of a child, cling to raw and such naked emotions, for the presence of each other in a common tragedy and trying to cope with internal misfortune. At some point, these attempts are transferred to the copulation scene – the most difficult in the process of filming. It is important to emphasize here that the film was released in 1973, when there were no “sexual orientations” to study the process of filming such episodes.
“Detachment“ America ”: World Police (2004) The parody puppet cartoon of Trey Parker also entered the compilation of The Independent. As the rating compilers note, sometimes sex is a fun and fun process that Parker skillfully showed in his film. In a sense, sex here is depicted as a shameful puppet (mechanical) act, causing outright laughter in the viewer.
Mulholland Drive (2001) Agree that the selection would be incomplete without a picture of David Lynch. Masterfully creating a whole web of deception, Lynch shows the viewer a terrific bed scene, intoxicating and confusing the observer. With this reception, he distracts us from the main thing – is the meeting between Rita (Laura Harring) and Betty (Naomi Watts) real? You can try to think about it, but you will have to distract yourself from the outright masturbation of the heroine through the power.
“Unfaithful” (2002) This film is called one of the best examples of the erotic thriller of all time. Directed by Adrian Line tells us the story of adultery, in which there is a whole range of conflicting emotions, because the housewife Connie (Diana Lane) admires the beautiful young Frenchman (Olivier Martinez). Their husband is being watched by Connie Edward (the inimitable Richard Gere).

The Independent. The list was at least worth expanding by adding the stunning first scene of the film “London” (2005) by Hunter Richards, the insane and in a sense nasty scene from Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor” (2013), and certainly the scene from the film Bernardo Bertolucci “The Dreamer» . However, we didn’t name a single homosexual picture on which The Independent film reviewers so stubbornly (and probably not at all by chance) concentrated.

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