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A year later, the lost Argentine submarine San Juan was found in the Atlantic Ocean, where there were 44 people

The causes of the incident are still in question.

San Juan before disappearing. CEDOC Photos

The American company Ocean Infinity found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean the Argentine submarine San Juan, which disappeared in November 2017, the Argentine Navy reported .

The submarine was found at a depth of 800 meters near the Valdez Peninsula on the coast of Argentina. Ocean Infinity spotted an object during a survey of areas of possible flooding.

San Juan stopped communicating on November 15, 2017. Onboard there were 44 crew members, including the first ever submarine woman in Argentina’s history, Eliana Maria Kravchik. The oxygen supply on the submarine would be enough for no more than 10 days.

12 countries participated in the search, including Russia. Argentina stopped the crew rescue operation on December 1 and officially recognized his death on December 5. Searches resumed in September 2018. On the anniversary of the tragedy, the president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, promised to conduct a broad investigation and said that the authorities are firmly committed to finding out the “truth” about the tragedy.

The causes of the incident have not yet been established. A submarine class TR-1700 was built in Germany and introduced into the fleet in the 1980s. The Guardian noted that in 2008-2014, San Juan was replaced with an engine and batteries, while the integration of third-party parts carries a risk. Also in the area of ​​the disappearance of the submarine heard an explosion just a few hours after the disappearance.

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