A serious display issue in the iPhone Xs Max. Hellish crunch

I’ve been using the latest iPhone Xs Max for a month now. This is an incredibly cool smartphone, even after the iPhone X. However, not without jambs.

Although Apple makes cool products, but every year errors in design are clearly becoming more and more. And it can be seen, if not immediately, then soon after the start of use.

Problem # 1 – display clicks

Perhaps I was “lucky” and got a defective model, but the fact is already unpleasant. My smartphone clicks the display.

Yes, in the truest sense of the word. It is necessary to slightly press the lower bound as it starts to click. And I have never dropped or hit this device yet.

With each press there is a corresponding crunch. And this thing works only at the very bottom of the screen. Nikita also thinks that this is a defect of a specific batch of smartphones.

The region began to gradually move away from the body. About the same story happened with the iPhone X of the first installments.

The most interesting thing is that new Apple smartphones are now opening up like a book. That is, to separate the display from the case, you need to remove the screws and tilt the screen to the left. So this can not be a problem fixing the bolts themselves.

Another thing is that the sizing itself may be defective . The glue may eventually move away from the display, which leads to the gradual formation of a gap. Accordingly, there can be no talk of any full protection against IP68. As soon as I immerse the smart in water, it will almost immediately turn into a brick.

This is clearly a warranty case that you must contact an authorized service center. If anything, here is the complete list . Depending on the city.

Did you have something like that?

Problem # 2 – the touchpad crashes

Not so long ago there was news that some iPhone X R and X have defective screens. The bottom line is that they fall right upper part of the sensory region. The screen stupidly does not respond to touch.

Wow, it seems that this problem is not only in Ercs. The same problem is observed on my iPhone Xs Max.


This is rather a bug of the operating system, since in some firmware it corny disappears. However, it is sometimes necessary to tap into the top right of the screen. And the smartphone stupidly does not respond to your gestures.

No answer, no greeting.

That is, you want to tap on any link, or somehow react to the actions in the game / program, and smart does not want to understand you. He pretends that the user did nothing at all. Just a dead reaction .

And it’s okay if it were on a certain model of iPhones, a defect / system bug … But this is already observed on at least two versions of smartphones. Probably, Apple still has not fully studied this problem, and decided not to react. Even in iOS 12.1.1 beta 3 this jamb is not fixed.

Apple, what’s up with you?

Honestly, I don’t understand why they don’t want to correct their mistakes in Cupertino. Smartphones may be unstable, but the company is clearly turning a blind eye to this.

At least in terms of the falling sensor, even on the official Apple forum, a separate comment thread has been created. So why you do not want to fix the annoying bugs?

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