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Stewardess “Aeroflot” was fired for immoral tweet about the fall of the Superjet-100

The Aeroflot stewardess was fired the day after she laughed at the fall of the Superjet-100. It turned out that the girl is not only very pretty, but also, possibly, related to the company that supplied these planes to Aeroflot.
Flight attendant Ekaterina Solovyova commented on the fall of the Superjet-100 aircraft in Indonesia on her Twitter account.The next day, Solovyov was dismissed by agreement of the parties by order of the Deputy General Director of Aeroflot, working with clients, Vadim Zingman. About this “Aeroflot” reported on its official Twitter.

This story would not be so interesting if Ekaterina Solovyova did not look like the most daring erotic fantasies Vlad Tsyplukhin of flight attendants and ebashila all these beautiful bows in open access. Catherine deleted accounts on Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte, but did not delete TwitPic and Instagram, which I ruthlessly used. By the way, over the past day the number of followers in Catherine’s Instagram has doubled (from 90 to 180+).

Detectives from Leprozoria unearthed the news of “Aeroflot” dated August 20, 2009.

Today, Vitaly Savelyev, General Director of Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, and Vyacheslav Solovyov, General Director of VEB – Leasing, signed a financial lease (leasing) agreement providing for the transfer of the first 10 Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft to 12 years ships at the end of the lease term.

Maybe it would have gone unnoticed if Catherine for some reason had not posted a photo of her ID with contact details (I wiped the phone, I can sell Tsyplukhin for $ 2,000 or to any other for 500 rubles).

Stewardess Solovyova Ekaterina Vyacheslavovna from “Aeroflot” vilifies Superjet. Vyacheslav Solovyov sells Superjetts to Aeroflot. Suspicious coincidence.

I would like to remind you about Temya Lebedev’s post “ Those Still Freaks ” and a source of inspiration – a scandalous photo session of naked flight attendants, the fact of which Aeroflot’s order was officially denied.

In “Aeroflot” those are also flight attendants, 
Nikita Likhachev, 
The Twi Journal

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