Small matured. Review of the film “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Green de Wald”

Watch the second part of the “Beasts” is difficult for almost everyone. Because almost everyone comes to the cinema with a kind of background in the form of expectations. Fans of the Potterians expect a couple of hours to live in their beloved world and see their favorite characters. Give small children a beautiful magical story, and their parents – more action, well, or sleep a couple of hours. “Crimes of Green de Wald” are trying to flirt with everyone, but this is of little use.

Do not watch

1930s. The place of action is transferred from New York to Paris and a little bit London. The vile and pale Green de Wald runs out of a magical dungeon to gather supporters of the revolution. Discreet albino wants to subjugate the world to magicians, turning people into servants or slaves. In addition to the army of supporters, he needs Credence Berbone, a shy man who possesses something like an absolute weapon.

It is easy to guess that not all wizards welcome the initiative to a militant-minded colleague. Coming split. Newt Salamander has to play a central role in this story against his will. He was asked to find Credence and convince him not to take the side of evil. Well, it’s hard to refuse your mentor Albus Dumbledore, so you have to go.

Why the mighty Albus himself will not fight with Green de Wald? Because in her youth, between the two guys, she ran through a certain spark, which they immediately materialized in an oath never to beat each other’s faces. How did it happen that Credence grew to the stubble on his cheeks, but he didn’t decide on his moral orientation? And all because he has a secret of origin. After all, his parents … Shhh! Or here’s the summer of Lestrange. It turns out that she has a brother, about which she knows almost nothing!

Crawling through these Brazilian destinies hurts. Perhaps it will be easier for those who are fan of Potter and the franchise as a whole. For such guys there are a lot of references to their favorite series here. Up to the special presentation of the “new old” acquaintances like the not quite old Albus Dumbledore. Associated him with a good white-bearded old man? And here is your sexy Jude Law! It seems a little bit more, and after the camera’s influx, it will wink at the viewer half-turn, sparkle with white teeth and “shoot” with the index fingers of both hands.

A lot of such flirtings, and people who are not familiar with the universe of the Potterians, will smell the catch – “what is this important episode / character?” It’s difficult with characters because there are a lot of them. Tolstoy also had enough of them, but the writer had thousands of pages at his disposal. Here – just two hours of screen time.

The result is logical. The viewer does not have any emotional attachment to those aunts and peasants. Newt, Green de Wald, several other magicians – they can still be perceived as full-fledged actors. The rest, alas, only unnecessary extras for the mass.

Unnecessaryness is the second misfortune of the film. After watching, you realize that half of the episodes are simply not moving the plot anywhere and have no effect on the development of the characters. And why just add them? So that the director / screenwriter / producers show their attitude to the “forbidden love” in the world of magicians and people? Well, okay, it was stupid, straightforward and not very interesting.

Probably, “Critters” could be broken into 5-7 episodes of the series-procedure, and it would look normal. For the cinema, the set of little connected, badly combined with each other and as if specially prolonged scenes with endless flashbacks and comebacks still does not work well. The first part, published two years ago, didn’t have such problems. But you know, in spite of all this, the “Green de Wald’s crimes” are no worse than its predecessor. And that’s why.


Why did people like Fantastic Beasts? That’s just because of all these creatures! “Crimes of Green de Wald” in this sense still keep up a good job and throw a whole zoo of variegated living creatures onto the viewer, both familiar and completely new. Watching beautifully painted animals is aesthetically pleasing. Yes, this time they are here for a tick and sewn to the plot with rotten white threads. So what if the whole movie is like that? But you can consider gill-tailed snakeheads and present them on the streets of Minsk. What is not fun!

I didn’t think that I’ll ever say this, but Johnny Depp seems to have begun to resemble an actor again! Finally nothing to do with the Sparrow! The image of Green de Wald is controversial, complex and ambiguous. The writers and the actor have made it so difficult to take this pale crank as a one hundred percent negative character. He has his own motives, without a deliberately villainous foundation. Not even the typical antagonists of sinister laughter. Plus in the karma of this gentleman!

Hence another feature of the film. He will not like many fans of the first part, who are waiting for a magical pre-Christmas atmosphere from the ribbon. The first snow, garlands in stores, Christmas trees in the squares and “Fantastic creatures” – in this seemingly quite logical chain, the last link is also superfluous.

“Critters” sample of 2018 with all its cinematic flaws look more mature than its predecessor. The magic here is only a background for sometimes serious questions about different views of the world, war and man. The final episode in which magicians choose a side emotionally came out very strong. It is a pity that nothing like this in the picture had slipped before.

“Fantastic Beasts: The Greens of Wald’s Crimes” is a jagged film, in which there are many blunders and mistakes, but which still do not want to throw somewhere in the middle. The local zoo still pleases the eye, the graphics are at the level, and there are a couple of interesting thoughts in the story that set off the ribbon against the background of childish fairy tales. The actors coped perfectly well, the director tried his best. It’s a shame that the scriptwriters couldn’t bungle anything more out of all this than the shabby serial scraps with a huge number of unnecessary characters.

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Green de Wald"

By the "Crimes of Green de Wald" certainly there will be claims from fans of the work of JK Rowling, and those who decided to just see a cozy magic blockbuster, and all the rest. At the same time, some, and others, and others, may find something new here, something they did not expect to see.

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